Get the Details on Fortnite’s Season 2 Battle Pass

December 13, 2017Written by Elizabeth Henges

fortnite battle pass

Fortnite update 1.11 goes live tomorrow, and with that the new limited time Survive the Holidays event will go live. Another key part of the update is the Battle Pass, which will let you unlock emotes and more. Will you be working to unlock these items, or will you just buy the ones you like most in the Shop?

Epic Games released a video detailing the Fortnite Battle Pass:

More interested in the holiday event? Check out the update 1.11 patch notes:

The Fortnite Guide to Holiday Survival is here!

  • Holiday Survival Event
    • Help Ray bring the holiday spirit to everyone in the husk-ridden world in this new event questline.
    • Earn an avalanche of Snowflake Tickets by participating in the event.
    • Players will receive Mission Alert updates for the duration of the holiday event!
    • Holiday Survival Llamas are available for purchase (1000 Snowflake Tickets.)
    • Be on the lookout for secret holiday-themed activities!
  • With the end of the Mutant Storms event, every 1,000 unspent Storm Tickets will be converted to a storm llama that will be available in their loot tab. All other unspent tickets will be lost after this event is over.
  • Mini-Boss
    • These are super-tough versions of the Husk, Husky, and Smasher that have up to four randomized gameplay modifiers attached.
    • Mini-Bosses can appear in many different mission types, indicated by new Mini-Boss Mission Alerts that appear on the theater map.
      • These new Mission Alerts reward event tickets and up to 10 can be completed each day.
      • Note that while Mutant Storms are also present on the map to provide evolution materials, these do not reward event tickets.
    • Mini-Bosses will also appear in the updated Survival mode, detailed below.
    • There is a new repeatable quest that gives Seasonal Gold each time you manage to take out a Mini-Boss in a successful mission.
    • Look for this feature to expand in the future!

Update 1.11, which includes the Battle Pass, will release tomorrow.

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