Here’s Why the God of War Jump Button Got Removed

When some of the gameplay details came out about God of War a few days ago, one of the biggest things that caught people’s eyes was the lack of a jump button in the game. It’s one of the many changes that sets this new God of War apart from those of years past, along with a more focused story and more intimate camera angle that will remain close with Kratos for the vast majority of the game–certainly a lot closer than we are used to in God of War games.

Naturally, there is some concern among some of the fans about changing the core that God of War is best known for. Game Informer did not shy away from asking Barlog about how he approached the that. While they didn’t ask directly about the God of War jump button, they did ask about the things that one might find precious about a God of War game. “It’s a ‘rip the band-aid off’ kind of moment,” he replies. “At first…I told the core team that nothing is sacred, and literally the first thing that [designer] Eric Williams talks to me about is like, ‘Okay, what about the jump?'”

Williams had to tell Barlog that with the closer and more intimate camera, you can’t have the kind of crazy “double-jumps all over the place” that previous God of War games have had. Barlog was forced to step back and realize that when he said “nothing is sacred”, he literally had to be open to the idea of throwing out anything, including something as basic as the jump button. The team worked on new camera and character controls first, eventually determining that they did not want to add in a jump button for Kratos.

It was also recently revealed that the studio considered a lot of mythological eras for this game, and that Egyptian or Mayan mythology could potentially be where Kratos heads in the future. Some new God of War gameplay details have been revealed, along with story hints and confirmation of unlockable costumes. What do you think of Sony Santa Monica removing the God of War jump button?

[Source: Game Informer]