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Dynasty Warriors 9 has Gameplay Trailers for Zhang Liao, Ma Chao, and More

Coming right after New Year holidays, Koei Tecmo has published a new character gameplay trailer batch for Dynasty Warriors 9 with six new videos.

We start off with Zhang Liao, the warrior who initially worked under Lu Bu but would later serve Cao Cao after the former’s defeat. He would be later promoted into one of Wei Five Great Generals. He is retaining the Twin Poleaxes that have been assigned to him since Dynasty Warriors 6.

Next up is Xu Huang, a fellow member of Wei Five Great Generals. In Dynasty Warriors series he has been very well-known for his turban headgear and Great Axe weapon, and he still has both of them here in Dynasty Warriors 9.

Jia Chong is a trusted advisor to the Sima family. He gave strategic pieces of advice to Sima Shi, Sima Zhao, and Sima Yan as the family worked to establish the Jin Dynasty and eventually unify China under the latter. He loses the Twin Tomahawks he had in Dynasty Warriors 8 and now shares Man Chong’s Shooting Spears.

Ma Chao is the famous son of Xiliang warlord Ma Teng. After his father and most of his family were murdered by Cao Cao, he would eventually go to serve Liu Bei where he got promoted as one of Shu Five Tiger Generals. He retains his Stallion Spear as well as his acrobatic moves.

Taishi Ci used to serve Liu Yao of Yangzhou until Sun Ce subjugated the province, after which he would faithfully serve Sun Ce and the Wu Kingdom. He retains his iconic Twin Rods, although Xiahou Yuan is sharing the same weapon as him in this game.

And last but not least we have Zhurong, the wife of the king of Nanzhong Meng Huo, who also comes out to participate in battles herself. She is retaining her iconic Flying Blade that she has been using in almost every DW game she appeared in, except Dynasty Warriors 7.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released first for PlayStation 4 in Japan and East Asia on February 8, with the Western releases that include Xbox One and Steam versions following on February 13.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]