sweet pool vita

Get Ready to Love Some Handsome Boys in Sweet Pool

According to a recent tweet by Nitro+CHiRAL, the Boys Love visual novel Sweet Pool will be getting a PlayStation Vita port in commemoration of the novels 10 year anniversary. According to the company, the game will release later this year, on May 31, 2018.

In case you’re unaware of what the game is centered around, Sweet Pool is about Youji Sakiyama, a Catholic high school student who finds his and his three classmates’ life changing in various ways. The game is also poised to be infused with horror elements, so it’s not just a typical “love” game.

For more on Sweet Pool, check out a brief description of the world below, courtesy of SuBLime:

Yoji’s missed a semester of school due to his poor health, but now that he’s back he can’t help but notice classmate Tetsuo’s piercing gaze. The boy’s hard-to-read expressions and seeming lack of emotions give Yoji the creeps. Yet, when Tetsuo suddenly touches his neck, feelings of unbridled lust well up inside of him! What’s behind these ever intensifying urges making Yoji writhe like a cat in heat whenever Tetsuo’s around? It’s the manga version of the popular boys’ love game, sweet pool, complete with never-before-serialized pages! Don’t miss out on this dark and twisted tale of mystery!

After Yoji’s rather forceful encounter with classmate Tetsuo, he realizes that despite his heart’s warnings, his body craves more. Tetsuo continues to remain silent about the odd things that have been happening to Yoji, leaving him fearful and confused. But after catching a glimpse of Tetsuo’s gentler side at home, Yoji can’t help wanting to know more about his aloof and sometimes perplexing classmate.

Sweet Pool will release on May 31, 2018.

[Source: Nitro+CHiRAL, SuBLime]