Future God of War Games Will Remain in Norse Universe

In a recent interview with Aaron Kaufman, the Sony Santa Monica’s Senior Community Strategist revealed that the next series in the God of War franchise will stick with the Norse mythology, and that as a company, Sony Santa Monica wants to continue exploring the theme of evolving Kratos and having him interact with his son.

“This God of War is Chapter 2 of Kratos” said Kaufman, referring to the fact that this is a brand new transition for not only the team, but Kratos himself. “…We know right now, we want to stay in the Norse universe, we want to explore this relationship between a father and a son.” Kaufman also said that the team wouldn’t introduce Atreus – Kratos’ son – as just a “one-off,” indicating that the character will serve a larger purpose in the overarching world of God of War.

For more on the upcoming game, check out our recent hands-on with the first two hours of it:

Perhaps my favorite moment of the opening hours I got to see was the first major boss encounter. I found myself battling a mysterious Norse God that somehow knew my concealed past, and the nearly 20-minute fight saw the surrounding environment get utterly trashed. It also served to point out that Kratos has gotten slightly weaker (or at least a bit rusty) in his age, even if he’s still largely a one man killing machine. The battle served to highlight a lot of what was great about this new iteration: the gameplay and storytelling all goes hand-in-hand.

God of War isn’t just Santa Monica Studio doing something different for the sake of variety (although the series did clearly need a shake up after how dull Ascension seemed). Everything from its gameplay to storytelling has been changed for the better. By doing so, Sony has given one of its biggest franchises new life.

God of War will release on April 20, 2018.