Far Cry 5 Has a Low-Budget Blood Dragon Mission That Makes Fun of Critics of the Series

In the middle of a very dark and oppressive narrative, Far Cry 5 doesn’t shy away from bizarre absurdities in Hope County. One side mission actually rewards an alien microwave gun that will vaporize enemies into a fine red mist. Another sees you interrupting a bull in the act of love-making (by killing him), all for the purpose of getting premium, tender Rocky Mountain oysters full of flavor. Of course, what would the game have been without a nod to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the exciting standalone Far Cry ’80s parody adventure?

Movie director Guy Marvel is on location in Hope County. He needs a little bit of help making his movie, a project he calls Blood Dragon 3. He wants the movie to be a masterpiece because he “can’t go back to working on shit like Far Cry.” He proceeds to make fun of everyone’s opinions about Far Cry and the “world-building, player motivations, and believability,” basically taking aim at reviews like ours.

The first mission you’ll undertake is “Quiet on the Set,” where you’ll be ensuring complete silence in the surrounding area so that Marvel can shoot his scene without ambient noise. The second is “Blood Dragon 3,” and you’ll actually be helping Marvel film a scene from the movie. To reward you for your efforts, you’ll get a goofy looking ’80s style sci-fi jumpsuit. You can now look like a goofy nutter while running around Hope County taking down the rest of the goofy nutters. You can watch both missions in full above.

Far Cry 5 blood dragon side mission reward

There’s no shortage of great Easter eggs and side content in Far Cry 5, much of it self-referential in nature. The game makes fun of previous Far Cry games’ obsession with towers. If you missed our Far Cry 5 review, we felt that the latest entry in the series makes some serious advancements while also hitting a few stumbling blocks. It’s still a lot of fun to play though, and Joseph Seed is the best villain that Far Cry has ever had. We also show you how to get an alien microwave gun to vaporize cultists, and a secret ending where Far Cry 5 can be completed within 10 minutes of pushing start.