Dragon Quest Builders 2 release date

New Dragon Quest Builders 2 Multiplayer Details Emerge

Square Enix had remained somewhat secretive about the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders 2, which is rumored to be released later this year on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Luckily, the company has finally disclosed new details on the game’s official Japanese page. Here we learned more about the game’s protagonists, its primary setting, character designs, and part of the main plot.

This marks Square Enix’ first official details since they showed off some very intriguing gameplay footage last summer, which you can watch below:

Let’s dig into some of the game’s details, as translated by Gematsu.

It appears that you can once again play as a male or a female, and these characters are descendants of the Builder from the first title, Dragon Quest Builders, which was released back in 2016. After mysteriously washing up on a deserted island, the two set out to slowly build their base of operations.

Though the land is seemingly devoid of life, it is assumed players will ultimately be able to harvest, plant, and build by leveraging their surroundings, much like the first game in the series.

Perhaps the most interesting detail is the game’s rich multiplayer aspect, allowing up to four players to simultaneously build and advance through the game.

It’s also worth noting that the game’s subtitle reads, “God of Destruction Malroth and the Vacant Island,” which suggests that Dragon Quest 2’s main antagonist, Malroth, could make a return and may even be responsible for the setting’s current state. We can’t help but wonder if the Dragonlord from the first title will also make an appearance, but there are currently no further details on that front.

Unfortunately, the company has not disclosed an official release date for the game, but we hope to see it alongside the international release of Dragon Quest XI in September 2018.

[Via: Gematsu]