Guns of Icarus Alliance PS4 Release Date

Guns of Icarus Alliance PS4 Release Date: PlayStation, Steam Cross-Platform Games Now Possible

More than a year after its Steam debut, Guns of Icarus Alliance PS4 release date arrives today. This PS4 Edition from Muse Games allows cross-platform gameplay for fans of the co-op pirate game, including support for voice chat. Whether you’re playing from the PC Steam version, or the new PS4 version, you may play together with thousands other players seamlessly.

According to Muse Games team lead Howard Tsao, the port to the PS4 was a milestone for the team. “Making cross-platform work between PS4 and Steam and adding voice-chat so people can play in the same match and talk to each other between Steam and PS4,” he said.

Meanwhile, PS4 engineer Matthew “Queso” Niederberger shared that porting the Steam version to the PS4 was a difficult task for his team.

“Performance took a ton of time, just making the game was running smoothly on the PS4,” Niederberger said.

Guns of Icarus Alliance is a steampunk multiplayer game that pits airship crews of four into heart-pounding air skirmishes against other crews. The game supports up to 32 players and 8 airships in a single battlefield instance.

Developed and published by Muse Games based on the classic first-person multiplayer Guns of Icarus, Guns of Icarus Alliance expands the possibilities for players by including player-vs-enviroment instances, set in a steampunk world where several factions vie for supremacy.

Similar to what they did in the original game, players will need to choose from among three different classes – pilots, gunners or engineers. Each of these classes has a specific set of abilities and tools that can help their crew win.

Pilots maneuver their airships in and out of battle, gunners take charge of the ships firepower, and engineers repair and upgrade ship components to keep it at tip top shape.

Aside from the skirmishes between player-controlled airships, players may also test their crew skills against AI opponents, conveniently scattered throughout the world.

Guns of Icarus Alliance is now available via the PlayStation Store.

[Source: Game Reactor]