Kratos is a Dad, Dad Jokes and All, Hear Chistopher Judge Deliver Some God of War Groaners in Kratos’s Voice

There are some quintessential elements to being a dad. There’s the dad bod, dad clothes, and of course, the dad jokes. Kratos is a bit too chiseled to ever have that dad bod (can you imagine the Ghost of Sparta with a gut?), and his fashion sense is far and away better than something my own father would choose to wear (Norse themed armor is so hot right now), so that just leaves the dad jokes. Kratos doesn’t seem like the traditional fatherly jester, but Polygon tasked voice actor Christopher Judge with delivering some real groan-inducing puns.

These aren’t just a bunch of generic dad jokes, though. No, these are some fantastic little one liners that fit quite well with various scenes and moments from God of War. As Judge reads through them, Polygon intercut the appropriate moments into the video. We get a sense for just how different God of War could have been if Kratos had tried to embrace being a dad a little bit more. Judge even throws a “Boy!” and “Arteus!” into his readings to really help with the immersion. Who knows? Maybe Cory Barlog will be inspired to throw a laugh track into the next game as Kratos embodies everything dad.

Want to actually get up to some goofy antics in the game itself? God of War’s photo mode released today. Not only can you compose some amazing screenshots, you can also change the facial expressions of Kratos and Atreus to walk on the lighter side of their emotional journey. Sales for the Sony exclusive continue to do extremely well, breaking records as the fastest selling PlayStation exclusive title ever.

If you think Judge reading out dad jokes as Kratos is funny, you’ll want to check out Director Cory Barlog’s bizarre interview with the voice cast, including questions like “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” And if for some insane reason you’re one of those that has yet to pick up God of War, read our review to find out why you should be playing what is possibly the best game of this console generation.

[Source: Polygon]