Superhot is Getting a New Game Set in Japan

GameTomo has revealed a new Superhot game, and this time, the setting is in Japan. It’s tentatively called Superhot JP.

The game has been revealed on GameTomo’s official website. It will be a standalone title included in the Superhot universe, with Japanese culture being a central theme to the overall feel of the game. Superhot JP is being developed in Tokyo for full immersion into the culture, with guidance from the original team to make sure the game still feels like a Superhot game.

Superhot JP will be featuring a lot of places common in Japanese tropes. Places such as:

  • Hot Springs
  • Samurai Castles
  • Karaoke Bars
  • Bullet Trains

An all new user interface will also be available for the game, which will also be having a very Japanese feel to it. According to GameTomo, the game will feature around 15-18 regular levels and 3-4 endless ones. There will be some new weapons added to the roster, including a bow and arrows. The game will also retain the same game modes that the original Superhot has.

There has no word of a release date yet for Superhot JP, but GameTomo has declared that the game will be “priced very reasonably.” For the platforms, the company is at least looking at PlayStation 4 and PC releases.

[Source: IGN, GameTomo]