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Persona Magazine Possibly Teases New Persona 4 Games

According to the latest issue of the Persona magazine (via Twitter user Gespy), it looks like games centered around the Persona 4 world are far from being over. On the cover of the issue, one of the content lists reads out “Persona 4 Ever More! Persona 4 is not over! Game, anime, manga, check the newest information,” which certainly sounds like some form of media featuring the world of Persona 4 is in the works.

Obviously, this information should be taken pretty lightly at face value, as some people seem to be reporting a new Persona 4 game titled “Persona 4 Ever More,” while it most likely seems that the magazine is simply teasing that more Persona 4 media will be coming at some point. Either way, the magazine itself releases later this week on May 24, so things will likely get cleared by then.

For more on Persona 4, make sure to check out our review of one of the latest Persona 4 titles, Persona 4: Dancing All Night:

As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of rhythm games, I was a bit timid when I first installed the game for review. However, my fears were quickly removed by one of the most intoxicating soundtracks around and possibly one of the greatest cast of characters assembled. Sure, the story wasn’t the best I have seen in a P4 universe, but it was still intriguing enough to push things along at a smooth pace. The gameplay is where things really shined however, as this game is just fun to play, and that’s what you want in a rhythm game. Fans of the series or not, Persona 4: Dancing All Night has all the right moves.

While we wait for news, let us know if you’d like to see more Persona 4 titles in the comments.