New Gran Turismo Sport Update Coming Next Week, More Cars Teased

The world of Gran Turismo Sport is going to be getting a little bigger, as a new update coming next week looks to be bringing a slew of new cars into the game. Over on his Twitter account, Kaz Yamauchi – the CEO of Polyphony Digital and producer on the Gran Turismo series – revealed in a new tweet that an update would be hitting the game next week, teasing the addition of 12 new cars into the game.

People in the replies to the tweet are already trying to investigate what type of cars will be included, and judging by the tweet, we can tell that at least one of them seems to be quite smaller than the rest. Thankfully, we won’t have too long to wait, as Kaz said the update will hit the game next week. Of course, the updates to the game don’t always just include cars, so it’s likely we’ll be seeing some other items hit the game by then as well. Make sure to let us know below if you’re able to spot any of the cars in the tweet.

In case you haven’t picked up Gran Turismo Sport and are anticipating the upcoming update, now might be a good time to act. Play-Asia is currently hosting a sale on the game that drops the price of it down 75%, which is as good a deal as you’ll find pretty much anywhere. For even more on the game, you can check out below for what was in the latest 1.18 update to give you an idea of what to expect:

1. The following 3 events will be added to the ‘GT League’:

■ Compétition de France (Beginner League)

Cute, sporty, a clash of the unique. An event for French made cars.

■ Gr. B Rallycross (Amateur League)

By grip or drift; your fate lies in total control of your machine. A race for Group B rally cars.

■ Vision Gran Turismo Trophy + (Professional League)

A race of dream cars, for the Vision Gran Turismo’s. Who will be the king of them all!?

In addition, new Rounds have been added to the following events: FF Challenge (Beginner League), J-Sports Meeting (Amateur League), La Festa Cavallino (Professional League) and Gr.3 Endurance Series (Endurance League).

2. The ‘GR Supra Racing Concept’ car, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, will be added.

3. A new layout for the popular ‘Dragon Trail’ track will be added.

This is another facet of the Dragon Trail, embraced by the azure blue Adriatic Sea and lush Croatian nature. Its name is taken from the green olive fields looking down on the course. The pit facility has a rather local feel to it, and the layout is more technical in nature compared to the Seaside version. The 4.3km track contains tricky combined corners and 90 degree turns, with more to discover the harder you drive. Its reverse layout, ‘Gardens II’ will also be included.

4. More additional features will be added.


・Added ‘Hawaii Islands’ to the ‘Featured’ section.


・When taking photos in brand-related Spots, you can now choose cars from both the showroom and the garage (limited to cars of that brand).

・BMW-related Spots have been added.


・Tsukuba Circuit has been added to the ‘Circuit Experience’.

Gran Turismo Sport is available now.