New Destiny 2 Roadmap Sets Free Content Update for July, Ahead of Forsaken Launch

June 7, 2018Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 roadmap

All eyes might be on Bungie’s September right now, when Destiny 2: Forsaken launches and begins the second year of content and events, but players won’t have to wait that long to actually get their hands on new updates for the game. A revised Destiny 2 roadmap sets the next major update (Destiny 2 update 1.2.3) for July, with a number of quality of life changes, balancing tweaks, and content additions to hold players over until Forsaken launches on September 4.

The July 17 update is called Solstice of Heroes and brings with it an event of the same name. Nothing is known yet about this new summer event. It’s not a repeat from previous Destiny events like The Dawning or Festival of the Lost. For the PvP players out there, the Quickplay playlist will be shifting from 4v4 to a permanent 6v6. Competitive will still remain 4v4. In addition, Rumble is being added as a permanent playlist for those that want to go it alone.

Bounties are returning after disappearing on Destiny 2’s launch. Bounties were a popular feature in Destiny 1, but got replaced by activity-specific challenges in Destiny 2. No further details are available on Bounties at this time. We’ll also finally be getting the Prestige mode for the Curse of Osiris and Warmind Raid Lairs to really challenge players who want something tough in their endgame. It’s unknown exactly how the Prestige mode will function, but we can expect more announcements on that soon.

Year 1 Triumphs make a return, following the footsteps of Moments of Triumph and Age of Triumph in Destiny 1. These were events that had players completing numerous activities in Destiny to prove their mettle as a Guardian. The elite among them could even earn an exclusive personalized T-shirt commemorating the triumphs. Again, details are scarce on this event, but expect more in the next few weeks.

Finally there are additional Exotic armor changes coming, following six pieces of armor that got updated in the last patch. We don’t know if this will include the rest of the Exotic armor or just another small selection, and players are wondering if Exotic armor will see the Exotic Masterworks system that weapons have received.

Following that, Destiny 2 update 1.3.0–coming alongside Forsaken–will feature gear collections, weapon slot changes, weapon perk randomization, bulk shader deletion, a new Crucible mode, and a whole lot more. It’s important to point out that all content on the Destiny 2 Roadmap (aside from the Prestige Raid Lairs, which require their respective expansions) is free to all players of the game. These updates will be provided for free regardless of ownership of Curse of Osiris, Warmind, or Forsaken. Game Director Chris Barrett pointed this out in a tweet:

Click on the image below to view the Destiny 2 Roadmap in full.

Destiny 2 roadmap

If you do decide to purchase Forsaken–which looks to change the landscape of Destiny 2 with all new content and activities–pre-orders are now live for multiple editions of the expansion, some including the new Annual Pass that provides access to three additional premium content drops throughout Year 2. Bungie will detail the Annual Pass more later today.

Are you happy to see Bungie still offering free updates for all players of the game regardless of expansion purchases? What do you think Solstice of Heroes will be? Which feature are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Bungie]