PSA: Last Chance to Preorder MUSYNX from Limited Run Games

Today is your last chance to preorder MUSYNX, if you want a physical copy for your PlayStation 4 or PS Vita. Limited Run Games is still taking preorders from now, until tonight at 11:59 pm EST.

MUSYNX is Limited Run Games release number 154 (155 on Vita), and it’s set for release in August 2018. This release features reversible cover artwork. For the collectors out there, the game does ship randomly as far as which of the two covers is set facing outwards. However, Limited Run Games guarantees if more than one copy is ordered, you’ll get at least one of each.

Orders of 30 copies or more will ship in the original Sony shipping carton, which is important for VGA grading.

MUSYNX is available now on the PlayStation Store if you want the digital version. Regardless of what form you buy it in, the game will cost $29.99 for both PlayStation 4 and Vita. The game’s key features are as follows:

Switch up the Music! –Rock out to over 90 tracks on Nintendo Switch, featuring genres like pop, rock, trance, R&B, classical, and more!

Test Your Rhythm! – Simple yet challenging gameplay will put your rhythm to the ultimate test!

Become the Melody Maestro! – Each button press plays part of the song – tapping to the rhythm is the key to a complete musical experience!

How Do You Like Your Music? – Easy, Hard, and even “Inferno” – you have full control over how you want to play!

Pump Up the Artwork! – Each track has a unique artistic presentation to get you amped up along with the music!

[Source: Limited Run Games]