Mega Man 11 Screenshots

Capcom Drops Mega Man 11 Screenshots and Torch Man Boss Fight

Ahead of Mega Man 11′s October release date, Capcom decided it’d be a great idea to drop some screenshots. The screens, which can viewed toward the bottom, show off a boss battle against a new robot master called Torch Man. In addition to the screenshots, Capcom also released the Torch Man boss fight on YouTube. You can check out that boss fight below.

According to a post by DualShockers, “The screenshots introduce the new boss Torch Man and his stage, inspired by a campground in the night.” With his name being Torch Man, you can expect there to be plenty of flames chasing you around both the stage and during his fight. Before you encounter the robot master, you’ll battle against a bird that is, as DualShockers puts it, “basically a hybrid between a phoenix and a turkey [and] drops eggs that can hatch spawning more enemies.” It sounds like you’ll have quite a challenge once you hit Torch Man’s stage. Upon reaching Torch Man, he’ll attack with a series of flame fists and jumping fire kicks. DualShockers states that he can also “restrain the player’s movements with rings of flame,” but the boss fight video doesn’t show that attack. And of course, when you defeat him you get the Blazing Torch special weapon and attacks related to it.

Mega Man 11 will be blasting onto Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 2, 2018.

[Source: DualShockers]