Bungie Co-Founder’s New Game Teased by EA

A few weeks ago, EA announced its acquirement of the mobile game studio Industrial Toys. How much money was exchanged remains unknown. However, the purchase is considered a massive win for the publisher, since Alex Seropian, Bungie co-founder and Halo co-creator, founded Industrial Toys.

EA’s promise that the studio would be responsible for “bringing new game concepts to life” remains but a vague tease. Yet, more has recently surfaced about the project. During an earnings call on July 26, 2018, EA’s chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, offered additional details and described the games as “innovative.” In addition, he claims they should be ready for market within the “next couple of years.”

Jorgensen added, “I won’t yet tell you what they’re working on, but you will see something in the next couple of years coming out of that studio that we think is pretty innovative in the mobile space. So we’re very excited.” Apparently, this excitement has been around since before the acquisition. According to Jorgensen, EA’s interest stemmed from the impression Industrial Toys left on the publisher, especially regarding the standards of ideas from Seropian and his team.

Industrial Toys’ first game, prior to the EA purchase, was Midnight Star, a sci-fi shooter for mobile devices. The game followed 2nd Lt. Charles Campbell as he and his crew traversed deep space, battling aliens after a war. In 2016, Industrial Toys launched a sequel, Midnight Star: Renegade, which took place right after the events of the first title.

EA and the smaller developers it supports have garnered plenty of attention as of late. During E3 2018, the publisher announced a new indie game from a Berlin developer named Jo-Mei. On stage, JoMei’s Sea of Solitude roused excitement. Soon after, A Way Out director Josef Fares praised EA’s commitment to indies. While Industrial Toys isn’t technically in the same boat as EA Originals, EA’s recent success with smaller teams suggests glad tidings for Seropian’s studio.

[Source: GameSpot]