Chinese Brawler Monkey King: Hero Is Back Game Launches Next Year

It’s been a year since we’ve heard anything about Oasis Games’ Monkey King: Hero Is Back. While we knew it was coming to the West at some point, there was no confirmation on when it would be arrive. Thanks to a new trailer, the Monkey King Hero Is Back game is scheduled to release sometime in 2019. With it comes confirmation that it’ll launch both in the West and in China, supposedly at the same time.

The Monkey King Hero Is Back game is an adaptation of October Animation Studio’s animated movie of the same name, which released in 2015 and was the highest grossing animated movie in China until Kung Fu Panda 3 and Zootopia surpassed it. Oasis Games has confirmed via a blog post that “the premise of the game is the same as that of the movie.” meaning the events in the game will likely play out the same as they do in the movie.

You can watch the Monkey King Hero Is Back game trailer below.

As written on the official Oasis Games Blog, the Monkey King Hero Is Back game is a “monster-slaying adventure,” where you’ll play as the Monkey King and experience the story of the movie alongside new chapters and enemies, as well as unique levels. The Monkey King Hero Is Back game is set to release in early 2019 and will combine the Monkey King character with a rich monster-slaying interactive experience to make, as the blog post said, “the first truly authentic Chinese IP title born from the collaboration of Chinese and Japanese teams.”

Monkey King: Hero Is Back is currently in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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[Source: Push Square]