Uh-Oh, the Fortnite Rift Is Starting to Close

Fortnite Season 5 has been defined by those crazy rifts in the sky. But now, it seems the giant crack in the sky is starting to shrink and will most likely close very soon. The question is, when?

The Fortnite Season 5 rift, which first appeared as a result of a rocket launch during Season 4, has been looming over the sky for weeks now. Its effects even bled out to the real world. Now, Twitter account @FNBRLeaks has claimed that the rift will disappear completely on August 21, 2018, exactly a week from now.


While Fortnite Season 6 is still weeks away, Epic seems to be prepping for its imminent arrival. What will happen when that Fortnite season 5 rift closes completely is unknown. However, it’s guaranteed that the map will see some significant change in Season 6, which is standard for a new season.

Season 5 brought a historical mash-up to Fortnite, and it remains to be seen if any of that will remain in the new season. Epic has a habit of teasing its upcoming season in the weeks leading up to its release. Season 4 saw the destruction of Dusty Divot from a meteor shower, which began its descent back in Season 3.

Maybe Season 6 of Fortnite will finally allow cross-play? Probably not, but we’ll see.

[Source: Polygon]