twin mirror episode 1

Twin Mirror Is an Episodic Adventure

In a new trailer released for gamescom 2018, Dontnod Entertainment has confirmed that one of its upcoming games, the Bandai Namco-published Twin Mirror, will be episodic. The first episode is called Lost on Arrival and currently has a 2019 release window.

The new trailer, titled “Welcome to Sam’s Mind”, tells viewers a lot about the upcoming game’s story. As was already revealed, the initial premise of Twin Mirror has protagonist Sam returning to his childhood town of Basswood, West Virginia for a friend’s funeral. Upon his arrival, Sam becomes involved in a murder mystery, as he wakes up in his hotel room with his clothing covered in blood.

In the gamescom 2018 trailer, we see that Sam has some sort of special ability. His mind is capable of looking at intense levels of minutia. But there also appears to be a dark side to Sam, perhaps pointed to by Twin Mirror‘s title. Sam may have some sort of dual personality, manifested in the game as an alternate version of Sam who wears glasses and a loud suit jacket.

Twin Mirror was originally announced ahead of E3 2018, as part of Sony’s PlayStation Experience pre-show gimmick that saw a few bonus announcements ahead of the show.

[Source: Dontnod Entertainment via YouTube]