Langrisser Is Coming Back with a PlayStation 4 Remake Compilation

Kadokawa Games announced that it will be publishing a new remake compilation of the first two Langrisser games. It will be called, appropriately, Langrisser I & II, and it’s being developed for both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. There is no current release date, although the developer considers the project 50% done so far. A full reveal event is being planned in Japan for August 29, 2018.

These new versions of the first two Langrisser titles are full remakes, rather than ports or “remasters.” This means new visuals and systems, including easier difficulty options. There will be totally new voice acting, UI updates, character designs, and other features not included in the originals.

If you don’t know what Langrisser is, it’s because only one game in the original series was ever localized, and that was in the form of Warsong for the Sega Genesis. Langrisser would go on to spawn several sequels, making a home on the Sega Saturn into the 1990s. Some fan translations exist, but the series would only reappear here on the 3DS, with the poorly-received Langrisser Re:Incarnation -Tensei-, which currently sits at 35 on Metacritic.

Perhaps, you may be more familiar with Growlanser, a similar series that the Langrisser team made after leaving its original company. Several Growlanser titles were localized in North America by Atlus, although not quite all of them made it out of Japan.

[Source: Gematsu]