Langrisser I & II’s Japanese Release Has Been Delayed to April 2019

Originally meant to launch on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 7, 2019 in Japan, Langrisser I & II will now hit store shelves on April 18th. Developer Chara-Ani announced the news, citing its desire to further improve the game’s quality as reason for the two-month delay. As this release is a remake of the first two Langrisser entries, Chara-Ani’s commitment to quality is commendable.

To make amends for Langrisser I & II’s delay, the developer has also revealed that a demo may be in the works. Presently, this isn’t set in stone. Yet, the team is considering it. Once an official decision on the matter has been made, details will follow.

Langrisser I & II was announced in August 2018 as a remake of the franchise’s two earlier releases, the first of which launched in 1991. Chara-Ani means to recapture the magic of the tactical RPG series, while modernizing the games with updated graphics and a better UI.

During a special event held weeks after the reveal, it was announced that the collection will also feature new content. Specifically, fans should anticipate new story content that adds in a branching narrative and an all-new character named Betty. More extensive details about these additions have yet to surface.

What’s also yet to emerge is whether Langrisser I & II will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Western territories. If such a plan is in place, neither Chara-Ani nor publisher Kadokawa Games has so much as hinted at it. Hopefully, this game will receive a worldwide announcement sooner, rather than later.

[Source: RPG Site]