new remedy team

Remedy Creating New Multiplayer-Focused Team

Remedy Entertainment is hard at work on Control, and the Finnish studio has just announced a brand-new team. Called Vanguard, it is described as a “small group of people” that will be focusing on multiplayer experiences. This team will be working on titles separate from single-player, story-driven titles like Control.

With the announcement, Remedy also detailed the goal of this new team:

Its mission is to challenge conventions and to prototype and ship new types of ongoing live multiplayer game experiences, alongside our established and growing core game development teams and the Northlight technology group.

Not much was revealed about Remedy’s Vanguard, but it is a notable development from a studio famous for single-player titles like Max Payne and Alan Wake.

Control is set for a 2019 release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While we know a little bit about it, we still don’t know much about its secret physics engine.

[Source: Remedy]