New Trailer Introduces Just Cause 4’s Villain, Gabriela Morales

Avalanche Studios is developing an ambitious open world sandbox with Just Cause 4. Based on the various locales and the gameplay shown so far, Avalanche is certainly cooking something special. However, it won’t all be fun and games. Exploring a new world in the fictional South American country of Solís also means new threats for protagonist Rico Rodriguez. Interestingly, Just Cause 4’s villain, Gabriela Morales, isn’t just a regular foe. According to Gabriela herself, her and Rico have a lot in common.

Watch the antagonist’s debut in the trailer below:

For now, Avalanche is keeping details on Gabriela and her backstory under wraps. Yet, the video’s title refers to her as “Rico’s Rival.” In the description, she’s deemed the “leader of the infamous Black Hand, and Rico’s toughest adversary yet.” Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t offer much of an explanation as to what makes Gabriela so formidable. But her being a commander of an advanced mercenary faction easily gets the point across—she’s dangerous and well worth fearing.

The Black Hand is a mercenary unit that employs advanced military grade weaponry and equipment. To some degree, the Black Hand has had a prevalent role in the series since the start, appearing in Just Cause and Just Cause 3. While the faction plays a larger part in Just Cause 3, especially in its DLC offerings, little is known about the organization’s inner workings. Therefore, Gabriela Morales’ Just Cause 4 debut should answer plenty of lingering questions.

Just Cause 4 hits the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One later this year on December 4, 2018.