timespinner vita patch

Timespinner Vita Patch Takes Care of Technical Issues

Timespinner, a successfully-funded and developed Kickstarter project that released last month, landed quite smoothly for the most part. While the well-crafted indie Metroidvania is a great experience on the PlayStation 4, the Vita version has been troubled with some serious technical snags, including some noticeable frame rate drops in some areas and a much more problematic “hitching” issue. At some points the game would get locked up right in the middle of a fight, rendering the combat-heavy exploration title difficult to enjoy on the handheld. But, luckily, the matter is being addressed.

During a Reddit AMA session, developer Bodie Lee of Lunar Ray Games acknowledged the issue, but was not able to confirm a fix was on the way for the Vita version of Timespinner. He noted that he would make an attempt, but offered no guarantees. Luckily, that attempt seems to have been successful, and the first wave of adjustments has come to fruition today. A new patch, bringing Timespinner on Vita up to version 1.02, makes the following adjustments (per a press release from publisher Chucklefish Games):

  • Feature parity with Steam and PS4
  • Improves FPS in several rooms
  • Mildly reduces hitches (improvement of around 25%. Much bigger improvements are on the way!)

Clearly the matter is still a work in progress, but it’s good to know more updates are coming.