VR Support Mentioned in No Man’s Sky Survey Adds Glimmer of Hope for Compatibility

In a recent survey for No Man’s Sky, players were asked which feature they would like to see most with one of the ten features listed being VR support. Note: the order of these options is constantly changing, so as not to impact response results.

  • 8. Which of these features would you like to see most?
    • VR Support
    • More depth and variety in NPCs
    • Polish of existing features
    •  More based building depth
    • Quality of Life improvements
    • Replace orbs with full character models
    • Enhancements to underwater exploration
    • Stranger and more varied planets
    • Larger multiplayer lobbies
    • Other

Allowing for VR compatibility is something the team considered before the game’s release. While Hello Games Founder Sean Murray always thought No Man’s Sky would be “a perfect fit for virtual reality,” nothing ever came of it.

No Man’s Sky has evolved a lot since its initial launch so, at this point, anything feels possible. It’s a promising sign for VR fans that Hello Games even lists it as an option. Unfortunately, there’s no place to indicate the type of VR support wanted, for example PlayStation VR as opposed to HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Are you a No Man’s Sky fan who wants PlayStation VR compatibility? If not, would being able to put your headset on be the push you need to pick up No Man’s Sky? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Road to VR]