Phobos Vector Prime Trailer

Bullet-Hell Game Phobos Vector Prime is Available Now on PSN, Watch the Launch Trailer

Phobos Vector Prime is an indie, arcade-inspired bullet-hell shooter that seems to mix Galaga with Enter the Gungeon. Although some of us might still be neck-deep in Enter the Gungeon‘s recent Gungeons and Dragons update, another thumb twister can never go amiss. Set within the far reaches of space amongst retro-wave neon locations, you’ll fly and shoot your way through enemies in the midst of having your ears blasted by sweet 80’s sci-fi synths. You can check out the trailer below:

The game was developed by the newly arrived Gunstar Studio. If there’s any doubt about their love of the genre they’re committing themselves to, I implore readers to check out their biography, below, in which they discuss their beginning with Phobos Vector Prime.

We started working on Phobos Vector Prime, our first game, on June 2016. Later, in January 2017, PlayStation Spain elected us to join the PS Talents Games Camp program, a workspace for the development and annual launch of innovative games. Maybe you remember ‘The Last Starfighter‘, a 1984’s film. Was about an arcade machine with a space game that had the function of reclute players to convert them on space pilots. In the film are a spaceship called Gunstar that it’s capable of both short and long-range space fight, also the ship it’s controlled by two operators. We think that represents perfectly the idea of our team, a versatile studio based on the teamwork who really loves the ’80s and the arcade aesthetics.

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