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Metal Gear Survive’s Halloween Event Lets You Dress Up Like Pyramid Head

In many games, Halloween events are starting to pop off, and of course we’re seeing Halloween sales as well. One such occasion is with Metal Gear Survive. If you’re still playing this infamous game, you can hop on over and earn some new goodies, including a new accessory from everyone’s favorite Silent Hill villain, and music cassettes that are clearly meant to remind us of Castlevania Requiem.

This event is starting on October 23, 2018, and will be running until November 6. Here are the full details:

SINGLE Play Event “The Researcher’s Story (Special Edition)” Coming Soon! Earn Battle Points (BP) by digging the base camp, and unlock items and gears!

[ NEW ]

  • Accessory: Pyramid Head
  • Cassette Tape: [Silent Hill] Silent Hill
  • Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Divine Bloodlines
  • Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Beginning
  • Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Symphony of the Night] The Tragic Prince


  • Cassette Tape: [SUPER CONTRA] THUNDER LANDING (Arcade)
  • Cassette Tape: [NEMESIS] Challenger 1985 (Arcade)
  • Cassette Tape: [LIFE FORCE] Power of Anger (Arcade)
  • Cassette Tape: [Bells & Whistles] Gift of the Wind (Arcade)
  • Recipe: Advanced Weapon Workshop
  • Recipe: Advanced Gear Workshop
  • Recipe: Copper Statue
  • Recipe: Wooden Tower
  • Recipe: Moai
  • Recipe: Medium Floodlight
  • Recipe: Large Floodlight
  • Recipe: Streetlight
  • Recipe: Floodlight
  • Recipe: Palm Tree
  • Recipe: Cactus
  • Recipe: Sign: “STOP”
  • Recipe: Sign: “Beware of Animals”
  • Recipe: LargeQuiver
  • Recipe: MediumQuiver
  • Recipe: SmallQuiver

[Source: Konami]