Agent 47’s Briefcase Returns in New ‘How to Hitman’ Video for Hitman 2

Agent 47’s briefcase is the stuff of legend. In older Hitman entries, it was almost as gloriously convenient as Hermione Granger’s handbag. You could stuff a sniper rifle in it, then upgrade it to slip past metal detectors. The briefcase was notably absent in 2016’s Hitman release. Thankfully, a new addition to the “How to Hitman” video series shows the briefcase making a triumphant return in Hitman 2.

In Hitman 2, the briefcase can do far more than transport 47’s rifle. Check out its wide array of uses in the video below:

IO Interactive released a short statement on the briefcase’s return. Evidently, fan requests haven’t fallen on deaf ears. The statement reads as follows:

Due to popular demand, the fan-favorite briefcase will make a triumphant return in Hitman 2, allowing Agent 47 to conceal a wide range of items beyond a sniper rifle. The new and improved briefcase can now be utilized to render opposition unconscious through blunt force, distract potential eyewitnesses and through clever manipulation, it can be used to have oblivious adversaries import highly volatile or sensitive items into otherwise guarded areas

If that’s not exciting enough, IO recently revealed all six locations featured in Hitman 2. So far, we’ve only seen extensive gameplay of 47’s slinking his way through Miami and Colombia. As the November 2018 release date draws near, there’s bound to be more shown off.

Agent 47, his weaponized luggage, and more returns to the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on November 13, 2018.