Ubisoft Black Friday Sale Offers Big Deals and a Free PC Game

Starting today and running through November 28, 2018, a “Black Friday” sale is running on the official Ubisoft Store website. Through this sale you can get big deals, up to 80% off on games for various platforms, merch, and DLC. You can even order physical games, which isn’t always the case in sales like these. And, as an added bonus, you get a free PC game if you spend at least $40.

Unfortunately the free PC game is only one game, there’s no actual choice to be made there. Fortunately, the free game is Rayman Legends, which is one of the best games Ubisoft has ever published. So it balances out. The free Rayman Legends deal applies regardless of what you buy, so even if you load up on PlayStation 4 content, you can still drop Rayman Legends in your Uplay library if you’re feeling squirrely.

Here are some of the best game deals, of course curated for the PlayStation userbase:

[Source: Ubisoft Store]