Ubisoft Course-Corrects on Controversial Rainbow Six Siege Visual Changes

Following a controversial announcement earlier in November 2018, Ubisoft has decided to save face and step back on the visual changes made in Rainbow Six Siege. All changes will be restored, although it may take some time to return everything back to normal.

In a recent community update, Ubisoft said the developers have “spent the last week working on solutions” following fan outcry. Now, the next step is to implement the changes in the least obtrusive way possible. Ubisoft maintains that it wants “to keep any impact at a minimum.” However, with testing and debug times getting shorter, it may lead to some unforeseen consequences.

For those who haven’t been following, Ubisoft announced its intention to censor graphic imagery within Rainbow Six Siege. The move was an attempt to make it suitable for an expansion into Asian territories. Explicit references to violence, sex, and gambling were all among the visuals that were affected. Ubisoft said players in Asia will still have “the same game as the other players.” However, it’s not known if any other visual changes will happen in those areas of the world later on.

Operation Wind Bastion,” the fourth season of Rainbow Six Siege’s third year, was fully unveiled recently. In addition to a new map, it also introduces two all-new operators.

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[Source: Ubisoft]