The Gran Turismo World Final Was a Three Million-Viewer Hit

The FIA Gran Turismo Championships wrapped up in November 2018. It was the first event of its kind and officially certified by the world’s governing body for motorsport. That sounds like a big deal on paper, and as far as Gran Turismo Producer Kazunori Yamauchi is concerned, the World Final event was a smashing success. In a Facebook post from Yamauchi covering his experience at the event, he confirmed a viewer total of over three million people.

In the post, which is available in both Japanese and English, Yamauchi stated that he found himself wondering what the experience of getting the F1 off the ground in the 1960s was like, presenting 2018’s inaugural FIA Gran Turismo Championships as a sort of parallel. He then stated that, while it’s a far cry from the 18 million viewers of the F1, having three million tuning in across various platforms for the first year of this event is pretty good too.

He then stated that he doesn’t expect Gran Turismo to exceed the real thing, nor does it “need” to. But as a new way to participate in motorsport as a hobby or a profession, well as he said, “I’m sure no one can speak against the value of this content… I think this is what it looks like in the beginning of it all, when new history is being made.”

[Source: Facebook]