Fortnite Account Merging Delayed to 2019

It looks like Fortnite players are going to have to wait a little bit longer to take advantage of the account merging feature originally promised back in September 2018. Epic Games has officially delayed the feature until 2019. While it was promised for November 2018, the month came and went without it, making this news not necessarily surprising.

Epic made the announcement in a recent community update, noting “technical concerns” as the reason for the delay. A new launch window wasn’t given outside of “early next year,” so hopefully we hear more news about it soon. Epic Games wants to make sure the feature is “fully tested and working properly” before it’s released to the public.

If you need a refresher, Epic revealed it was working on a feature to combine multiple Epic Accounts. This came about after Sony announced that cross-platform play would be implemented in Fortnite. However, as Epic Accounts linked to PSN were locked behind the platform, many players had to create new Epic Accounts on different systems. With account merging, you will be able to have all purchases, V-Bucks, lifetime wins, and more on one single account.  Epic revealed a how-to guide on account merging will be introduced when the feature rolls out, as well.

However, in the interim, you are able to link and unlink your Epic Accounts across various systems. It may be a little more cumbersome than merging your accounts, but it is an effective stop-gap until the feature is live.

[Source: Epic Games]