Learn About Left Alive’s Story, Gameplay, and Setting in a December 12th Stream

Since announcing the survival action title during Tokyo Game Show 2017, Square Enix has released Left Alive information piecemeal. A whole host of new details will emerge soon, however, as a livestream is planned for December 12, 2018. For Japanese audiences, the broadcast will go live at 8 pm JST on YouTube. For North American viewers, the time translates to 5 am CT.

During the livestream, Director Toshifumi Nabeshima will go into detail about Left Alive’s story, setting, and gameplay. Presently, not much is publicly known about these three facets. A recent trailer introduced the three main characters, all of whom will be playable in Left Alive. Olga, a Police Captain investigating strange disappearances, is one of the three characters. Mikhail, a Staff Sergeant who loses his mech during a fight, serves as the second protagonist. A former soldier named Leonid, who’s seemingly on a path of vengeance, rounds out the three.

Left Alive’s setting in the Front Mission universe is another known aspect of what the new project has to offer. However, its placement within the franchise’s lore remains a mystery. What Square Enix has made clear is that Left Alive’s narrative centralizes an incident in war-torn Nova Slova, during the year 2127.

Nabeshima, of Armored Core fame, isn’t the only big name attached to this project. For example, Metal Gear character artist Yoji Shinkawa is on board. Left Alive’s development team also includes the mech designer on Xenoblade Chronicle X, Takayuki Yanase. In the gameplay and art shown, so far, each developer’s influence is readily apparent.

Left Alive will hit store shelves in Japan on February 28, 2019 for the PlayStation 4. The game’s Western release is scheduled for March 5, 2019.