John Carpenter Says He Wants to Compose a Video Game Score

Master of Horror John Carpenter has publicly celebrated gaming for years. He can often be found on Twitter, discussing his latest game-related adventures. Unfortunately, one venture he hasn’t gotten to embark on is being hired to create a score for a game, something the Halloween co-creator says he’s “dying” to do.

In an interview with Consequence of Sound, wherein the publication celebrated Carpenter as Composer of the Year, he revealed his desire to work on a game soundtrack. Carpenter told CoS, “…I think there’s a part of me that’s dying to do a game score, I’m just dying to do it, but I don’t think anybody will hire me. No one thinks about me to do music for games, that’d be great!”

Considering the filmmaker’s pedigree, as he created iconic soundtracks for Halloween, The Fog, and several others, it’s a wonder he hasn’t received any calls to score a game yet. Composers known for Hollywood productions composing soundtracks for games is not unusual. For instance, Broke Back Mountain composer Gustavo Santaolalla created the music for The Last of Us and will return for the sequel.

Perhaps now that Carpenter has made his desires publicly known, the phone will begin to ring. After all, he seems like he could get along well with game creatives. Many may recall that Carpenter was once encouraged to sue Kojima and Konami over glaring similarities between Metal Gear Solid and Carpenter’s 1981 film, Escape from New York. The director refused, because he noted that he believed Kojima is “a nice guy.” Who knows? Maybe one day, Carpenter and Kojima could possibly team up for a Kojima Productions project.

[Source: Consequence of Sound]