The Kingdom Hearts Twitter Account Has Mysteriously Vanished

The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account (@KINGDOMHEARTS) has been deleted in what may be an odd anti-marketing decision or perhaps just an unfortunate turn of events. Throughout the game’s development cycle, this account has been a source for new screenshot drops, additional game information, and various Kingdom Hearts news. But attempting to visit the account now redirects you to a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” screen.

With the game’s release date a little over a month away, it’s unclear why the account would suddenly disappear from the internet. Considering the fact that the Japanese Kingdom Hearts account is still intact, many speculate that hacking is to blame. Of course, the end of the Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has invited plenty of franchise-related jokes. I suppose anything really can fall victim to darkness.

We may no longer be able to obsessively check out these tweets and tagging the account in our hype threads is now pointless, but there are still ways to gear up for the game’s release. You can still watch the final Kingdom Hearts III trailer, listen to the soundtrack, and enjoy all the different screenshots this account left behind (there are a lot of them).

Kingdom Hearts III will launch on January 29, 2019. Longtime fans of the franchise will want to consider getting the game’s limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro bundle.