Fortnite Brings Back the Smoke Grenade for a Limited Time

The 14 Days of Fortnite event has brought it’s fair share of surprises, including the surprise return of a once-vaulted item. Day 10 of the event had players perform 10 vehicular tricks in 10 different locations. However, it’s the return of another LTM that’s causing chatter. The return of the Sneaky Silencers LTM has also brought about the return of the Smoke Grenade, which was vaulted back in April 2018.

Sneaky Silencers is currently available as a solo playlist, which tasks players to get a Victory Royale with only silenced weapons. That means that while you can sneak up on enemies in secret, they can do the exact same to you. The Smoke Grenades are a key part of this, allowing you to remain hidden. However, its return came as a surprise to many, considering the fact it was taken away in the first half of the year.

The item was vaulted due to Epic Games believing that it wasn’t being used very much by players in-game. As a live service game, items tend to come and go on a regular basis. Vaulted items don’t often make a return to Fortnite, so this is definitely a notable development. Now, the Smoke Grenade is only available for a limited time, as is the whole event, so you better act fast.

This isn’t the only surprising development to come out of the 14 Days of Fortnite. One of the rewards for completing a challenge was never made available, leading Epic to push off its deployment. However, the “Take the Elf” emote was actually introduced the very next day, much sooner than expected. With four more days remaining, we’ll see if any other surprises are in store.

[Source: Fortnite Intel]