Detroit: Become Human Surprised Players With a Unique New Year Greeting

Detroit: Become Human had a pretty neat New Year surprise waiting for players who were lucky enough to boot the game up on the first day of 2019. Players know that when browsing the main menu, the CyberLife rep will welcome you with a variety of greetings or quips. The January first greeting (which you can watch above) was special.

When you popped in, the Chloe model would say, “Welcome back. What would you like to do today? On behalf of CyberLife, I wish you a Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and the ones you love.”

While most of the menu greetings are somewhat generic and tend to repeat after a while, this one was obviously programmed to trigger for the new year. This has players wondering what other greetings might be coming our way. It may be worth booting up the game on special holidays to check for unique greetings or on your birthday to see if the system data triggers any kind of special response.

Indeed, some players think that Detroit: Become Human is crossing over into the real world a little too believably. One Reddit user shared an anecdote about an unfortunate PS4 crash caused by the playback of an old DVD. After resetting, upon booting up Detroit, the main menu greeted him with the following “joke:”

Have you experienced any spooky Detroit: Become Human greetings? Were you lucky enough to catch the New Year shoutout? Are you hoping for a potential sequel? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Reddit]