Polyphony Digital Has Opened a New Studio in Japan

Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital has opened its third development studio in Japan. The new studio is based out of Ueno, Japan, a district in Tokyo. Whether this team will aid in developing the ever-evolving Gran Turismo Sport or if it’s meant to begin work on something new has not yet been announced.

As GearNuke has noted, the company’s limited number of job openings on its official website suggests that the studio in Ueno is mostly staffed already. It’s also worth noting that this news has not received a lot of buzz from Sony, Polyphony, or press outlets. This could mean many things, but it could imply the Ueno studio is serving as another way to support development on Gran Turismo in general. After all, Polyphony also has teams working out of Amsterdam and Los Angeles, all of which aid in Gran Turismo development.

Since the studio became known as Polyphony Digital in 1998, it has almost exclusively produced Gran Turismo titles. There are only two exceptions. A rail shooter named Omega Boost launched in 1999 and counts as the first Polyphony Digital-developed title. The motorcycle game Tourist Trophy: The Real Riding Simulator is the other non-Gran Turismo project, which launched in 2006.

Because Gran Turismo Sport is nearing two years on the market, it should not be long before Polyphony announces a new title. What it could be remains a mystery, of course. But a new Gran Turismo installment certainly seems a possibility.

[Source: Polyphony Digital via GearNuke]