Anthem Demo Will Not Feature the Game’s Final Build

According to Lead Producer Mike Gamble, Anthem’s VIP and public demos will not feature the game’s final build. Instead, players will get hands-on time with a “specific demo build.” This move allows BioWare to continue tweaking the main game, while players experience a separate version.

Gamble shared this news on his personal Twitter account, in response to a fan inquiry on the matter. The post is featured below:

In many respects, this helps explain another demo-related decision on BioWare’s part. Lead Producer Ben Irving previously announced that progress made during the demo sessions will not carry over into the main experience. That Anthem’s demo and full release constitute two separate versions adds clarity to the lack of progress transference.

Of late, BioWare has shared more details about its upcoming shared-world shooter. Teases for the story and villain featured in Anthem’s The Game Awards 2018 trailer, which later received a detailed breakdown. The developers also recently offered information about loot rarity, while teasing plans for end-game content. Apparently, concrete details on BioWare’s end-game plans are still to come.

Anthem’s VIP demo is scheduled to go live on January 25th and conclude January 27th. BioWare will roll out the public demo a week later on February 1st; the demo ends on February 3rd. The full game releases for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

[Source: Mike Gamble on Twitter]