BioWare Is Hiring Dragon Age Team Members With Experience in Multiplayer Games

After teases and rumors, fans were finally treated to a Dragon Age announcement during The Game Awards 2018. Apart from a cryptic video filled with cryptic imagery, nothing about the title is publicly known. Yet, a recent job listing may point towards at least a few of BioWare’s plans for the franchise’s eventual new entry. The studio is hiring to build out a Dragon Age team, and on that team will be a Technical Director with experience in “developing multiplayer games.”

The listing for a franchise Technical Director recently surfaced on LinkedIn. The post describes this position as one that will serve as the game’s “most senior engineering lead,” in addition to being a “key member” in the Dragon Age franchise’s leadership. As noted above, this listing requires applicants to have experience in multiplayer game development. This qualification, alongside the position’s key role in the series’ ongoing development, suggests that multiplayer could play a big part in the future of Dragon Age.

Should the new Dragon Age launch with a multiplayer component, it would not be a series first. Dragon Age: Inquisition featured a four-player co-op mode, entirely separate from the single-player experience. The mode itself was akin to a dungeon crawler, wherein players were tasked with battling through hordes of increasingly difficult enemies. Whether or not this mode will be reintroduced in the next Dragon Age remains to be seen. However, it definitely appears as though BioWare wants to dedicate time and resources into the franchise’s online future.

In addition to a Technical Director, BioWare also aims to hire a Lead Graphics Programmer and a Lead Technical UX Designer. Both postings make mention of the Frostbite engine, which is likely being used for Dragon Age’s development, since Frostbite was the engine of choice for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

While fans await further news on Dragon Age, BioWare has another title that will soon hit store shelves. Anthem will launch on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

[Source: LinkedIn via GearNuke]