Rec Room’s 2018 was Filled with Community Milestones

In November 2017, Against Gravity released Rec Room for the PlayStation VR. It had already seen success on other platforms such as Vive and Oculus, and it even has cross-platform features. We’re over a year out from the PSVR release, and Against Gravity has shared a long list of stats from Rec Room in 2018. Chief among them is the number of downloads, of which Rec Room has breached one million across all platforms.

Rec Room is very much a community game, allowing players to get together and goof around in all sorts of pre-built minigames and other activities. But players can also design and share their own rooms, which opened the door for all kinds of user-generated content and emergent game development. This has led to a healthy life for Rec Room, and here’s what happened in 2018:

  • 400,000+ player created rooms
  • 70 million room visits
  • 40% of all player time is now spent in player created rooms
  • Player created rooms that have been visited 300,000+ times
  • Rec Room is installed on over 1 million VR headsets
  • Over 5 million photos taken
  • 5.2 million friends made

Millions! Against Gravity also nods to all the updates that have come to Rec Room in the past year, including launching a website that allows players to share their content, a programming system that led to players creating their own games and features, all kinds of new in-game items, animations, messaging, and a lot more.

If you ended up with a PlayStation VR set over the holidays, now’s as good a time as any to check out Rec Room, especially since it’s available on the PlayStation Store for free.

[Source: Against Gravity]