Hitman 2’s Newest Elusive Target Is a Cold-Hearted Art Appraiser

Agent 47 has his newest Elusive Target, and players can start planning their kills now. Miranda Jamison is an unfeeling art appraiser, who cares more about her profits than the artists whose lives she ruins. Thankfully, our anti-hero is right on the case.

Learn all you need to know about Jamison right here:

Jamison is a prosperous art appraiser, though she has accumulated her wealth through some unsavory methods. Her habit for fixing prices in the art world has ruined the industry as a whole, so of course, she must be stopped. Jamison can be found in the Isle of Sgail, so if you think you’ve got the stuff, go start your assignment.

Of course, as an Elusive Target, only assassins fully confident in their abilities should take on this assignment. Agent 47 only has a limited time to take out this target, and after February 4, 2019, the mission will be unavailable. But don’t go rushing into this assignment, either. Players will only have one opportunity to take Jamison out. If you fail the mission in any way, you won’t have the opportunity to try again.

Elusive Targets give Hitman 2 players an opportunity to truly test their skills. They are limited-time, one-shot assignments. Previous Elusive Targets have included a crazed revolutionary and, well, Sean Bean.

If you’re not fully ready to take on the Elusive Target quite yet, there’s still plenty to do in Hitman 2. The Snow Festival is currently ongoing in Hokkaido. Are you going to try your hand at this newest target? Let us know!