the kings bird ps4

The King’s Bird Brings Momentum-Based Platforming to PS4 in February

Today, the official PlayStation YouTube channel has revealed that Serenity Forge‘s award-winning indie platformer The King’s Bird is coming to the PlayStation 4. Published by Graffiti Games and originally launched for the PC in August 2018, The King’s Bird will be making its console debut this coming February.

As you can see in the new announcement trailer, The King’s Bird has a vibe similar to what you might expect from an indie platformer, with a distinct twist. The character in this game can build up momentum and use it to glide, not only across gaps but in practically any direction. Essentially, this mechanic allows the player to fly short distances based on how much momentum they can build up.

Based on information published on the game’s official website, The King’s Bird uses its physics engine to dictate the gliding, and both the background music and sound effects can change based on how the player is playing the game. The story, which is about a tyrant keeping a mysterious world a secret somehow, is told entirely without text. The game contains five worlds to explore, which are based on various real-world inspirations such as Mayan, Southeast Asian, and Roman cultures.

If you take a look at The King’s Bird‘s Steam listing, the game costs $19.99 there and has a “very positive” rating from the community. There are a few critical reviews that are more mixed, and The King’s Bird most notably won a “Best of E3 2018” award in the indie category from Game Informer.