Resident Evil 2 Has Weekly Challenges for Each Mode

Despite being an offline single-player experience, Resident Evil 2 has weekly challenges. Those who got the game on its launch day, January 25, 2019, have now had a weekend to play it. That’s not much time, but it doesn’t take long to roll credits for the main story. Here’s the first batch of challenges and how players are doing so far. (All of these statistics are limited to players who have enabled RE NET play data settings.)

Weekly challenges

  • Story Challenge
    • Crack Shot
      • Complete the game with an accuracy of 95% or more
      • Clear the game on Standard or Hardcore
  • Story Challenge
    • Undamaged Goods
      • Take damage 5 times or less
      • Counterattack 3 times or less
      • Clear the game on Standard or Hardcore
  • The 4th Survivor / The Tofu Survivor Challenge
    • Got a Quota to Keep
      • Kill at least 40 enemies
      • Cannot use ???/???

At the time of writing, 94 players have completed Crack Shot, 1,394 players have completed Undamaged Goods, and 5,554 players have completed Got a Quota to Keep. It’s worth noting that the 4th Survivor / The Tofu Survivor Challenge is only available to players who have completed the main story and 2nd run. Play data for extra challenges will not be counted if players are using Aim Assist.

If you complete every challenge, you earn a platinum medal. So far, only 35 players have managed to do this.

Providing some form of ongoing content or creating a way to incentivize players to keep playing isn’t new. Season passes, DLC, limited-time events, weekly challenges, weekend bonuses, and much more have flooded the market and become the norm over the last few years. But seeing this with a game as isolated and (contextually) challenging as Resident Evil 2 is a surprise.

Will gamers really be doing weekly runs of the story mode just for the sake of completing a challenge? How many people who buy Resident Evil 2 will even complete the game? Only 25% of those who played the demo finished that.

Perhaps Capcom already has these concerns on its radar and is planning for additional game modes that are easier to drop in and out of. We’ll see how things are at the end of the week, but it will be interesting to see if a community actually forms around these community challenges as we get further away from that initial release date.

Resident Evil 2 is available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to read our review here.

[Source: ResidentEvil.Net]