Beat Saber’s First Paid DLC Drops This March

Since the game’s release back in November 2018, Beat Saber fans have wanted one thing: more Beat Saber. That being said, the game’s first paid DLC option is almost here. The team excitedly shared the news via the official Beat Saber Twitter account.

An eager fan asked for more specifics regarding the release. While “by the end of this week” is wishful thinking on the community’s end, the team confirmed the Music Pack would release in March.

After the Expert+ delay to PlayStation 4, it’s encouraging to see that Beat Games seems committed to making its upcoming DLC available on both PS4 and PC at launch. The developer, Beat Games, has faced a number of technical challenges in terms of porting the pack into the game, but fans can expect subsequent Music Packs to “much quicker.”

Those who aren’t planning to get the paid DLC packs still have new songs to look forward to via free updates to the game. With Expert+ difficulty levels finally on the PlayStation 4, earlier in February 2019, there seem to be plenty of reasons to continue slashing your way through Beat Saber.

[Source: Upload VR]