Apex Legends First Leaked a Year Ago, Respawn Was Relieved When the Report Was Ignored

Reddit users have just realized that Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play title, Apex Legends, was originally leaked on the website one year ago but people doubted the poster and the rumor didn’t take off.

Redditor hiticonic posted a copy of the game’s map, and claimed that it belonged to a “rumored Titanfall battle royale game.” With nothing to back the claim up, some fellow Redditors thought it was fake, and the thread died after 14 comments.

In a new thread, user Fubbles pointed out that the “Titanfall battle royale game” turned out to be Apex Legends, and the map indeed belongs to the free-to-play title although it has since been altered.

Respawn Entertainment’s Community Manager, Jay Frechette, made an appearance in the thread and revealed that the studio was made aware of the leak but he was relieved to see people “blow it off.”

“Haha I remember this!” wrote Frechette. “It was a relief to see folks blow it off and I was thinking, ‘well, he’ll be able to say I was right when next year comes along.'”

Hiticonic also turned up in the thread, and joked about collecting the upvotes that they were denied a year ago. However, they understandably didn’t reveal how they got hold of the leak.

When another user suggested that hiticonic may be a current or former Respawn employee, they responded with “I wish.”

How hiticonic knew about Apex Legends will remain a mystery but it’s nice to see that they’re still around for their upvotes. Better late than never!

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