Finally Experience Path of Exile on the PS4

As previously promised, Path of Exile’s PlayStation 4 release date has been unveiled approximately two weeks ahead of launch. The action role-playing game will hit the platform later this month on March 26th. Hopefully, this new launch date will actually stick. Initially, the title was meant to release on the PS4 in December 2018. However, certification issues resulted in a delay to February 2019. A subsequent delay then pushed Path of Exile’s PS4 launch to March.

On March 26th Grinding Gear Games will also launch Path of Exile’s newest expansion on PS4, Synthesis, which has already gone live for PC and Xbox One. This update adds a whole host of new content to the action RPG. For instance, new items, gems, and a rebalance spells across the game serve as but a few examples.

Path of Exile itself is a free-to-play title that originally launched in late 2013. Its Diablo-like qualities made it somewhat of an instant hit. As such, it’s no wonder PlayStation fans are eager to get their hands on the much celebrated title.

For a hint of what to expect from Path of Exile, check out the PlayStation 4 release trailer below. It’s worth noting, however, that the trailer initially went live when the PS4 port was announced in November 2018.

In Path of Exile, players adopt the role of an Exile, someone barely managing to get by on the continent of Wraeclast. While traveling these dark lands, players will fight to earn powers and abilities that assist the Exile in their quest to exact revenge. Similar to Diablo, character customization rests at the heart of the experience. This begins with a player’s choice of Exile, featuring seven classes and nineteen subclasses. In addition to character customization, skill customization and weapon crafting and enchanting are also integral to Path of Exile’s acclaimed gameplay.

[Source: Eurogamer]