Battlefield Currency Is Being Deployed in Battlefield V

EA has just announced that a new form of microtransaction will be added into Battlefield V. Starting April 4, 2019, Battlefield Currency will be implemented into the game. EA mentioned that the “balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay that has always been the foundation of the Battlefield series isn’t going anywhere,” assuring players that their skill will still be the determining factor in who wins a particular battle or gun fight, not how much money was spent on Battlefield Currency.

This new form of currency will be bought with real money.  People will be to purchase it from either the in-game menu or through first-party stores like the PlayStation Store.

EA stated that Battlefield Currency can be used to purchase various things within Battlefield V‘s Armory. On April 4th, players will be able to use Battlefield currency to buy certain cosmetic customization items, with elite sets, and time-savers coming at a later, unspecified date. EA made it clear that this currency is not the only way for players to purchase cosmetic items, but Battlefield Currency is going to be the only way to get the new Epic Items.

Company Coins, Battlefield V‘s currency earned through regular progression, can be used to purchase common, uncommon and rare items. EA has explained that it will be adding more cosmetic items that can be obtained through both regular progression and by purchasing Battlefield Currency, as that way players who don’t want to spend real money in-game don’t have any form of disadvantage in comparison to players who spent real money.

There will be two types of time savers when they are added into Battlefield V later this spring. The first of which, Tier Catch-Ups, will unlock Chapter Reward items for players who don’t have enough time to earn them through gameplay. The second type of time saver will come in the form of conventional XP Boosters,which allow players to earn XP at an increased rate, giving players a faster way to level up their weapons, vehicles, and more if they are strapped for time.

Will you be buying Battlefield Currency when it is implemented into Battlefield V on April 4th? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Electronic Arts]