Days Gone’s Real-Time Weather Effects Are Blowing People’s Minds

That Days Gone will be a visual spectacle is already known. However, its dynamic weather system serves as one aspect that hasn’t been applauded nearly enough. Following the recent release of new footage, a wave of appreciation for Days Gone’s dynamic weather has hit the web. At present, the game’s snow effects are receiving a bulk of the praise. It’s well-deserved, too, evidenced by the way in which snowfall in the video below changes the environment over time.

When the video opens, snow is just beginning to fall on an empty street upon which Deacon St. John stands with his motorcycle. As the video continues on, the snowfall does not cease. As such, halfway through the footage, the once empty street appears thick with snow. This is true of surrounding objects, as well, such as vehicles, a distant storage shed, and vegetation. Other areas distant from Deacon’s original position are visited later in the video. They, too, stand covered in snow. To call this impressive would be a disservice to what SIE Bend Studio has accomplished.

Snow won’t only affect the environment in Days Gone. It will also have an impact on gameplay, as explained in a PlayStation EU blog post during E3 2017. As expected, snow and other weather effects will alter how Deacon’s bike controls. Colder weather is also said to greatly impact the Freakers, who become stronger in such climates.

These drastic weather-specific changes to the gameplay experience aren’t exclusive to snow, either. Rain serves as another example, according to the aforementioned blog post. Rainy weather will “dampen” sound in the environment, but it won’t make things a breeze for players. Apparently, the rain draws out more Freakers during the day.

We’ll see just how much weather impacts Days Gone when it comes to the PlayStation 4 on April 26th.

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