For Honor Sakura

The Deadly Hitokiri Will Strike Down Foes in For Honor’s Next Season

The new class and map that will debut in the second season of For Honor Year 3 have been announced. The new deadly samurai hero is the Hitokiri, and the new map is called Canopy. Canopy and other improvements will be free for all players when the second season begins on May 2, 2019. If someone is a Year 3 Pass holder, they will be able to begin using the Hitokiri the same exact day. The Hitokiri will be available for other players on May 9th, though they will need to use 15,000 Steel, the in-game currency, to purchase the hero.

A spine-tingling trailer was released for this new hero. Check it out below:

The Hitokiri will be available in male and female variants, known respectively as Sakura and Yato. Each one will wear a creepy mask and wield their deadly weapon, the Masakari axe. Hitokiri, when translated, actually means “manslayers,” so these warriors probably mean business on this battlefield!

Ubisoft will reveal more about Year 3’s second season in a Warrior’s Den live stream on April 25, 2019 at 9 am PDT. In addition to the Hitokiri and Canopy, improvements for the Lawbreaker and Raider classes will be brought up.

Ubisoft, over the last three years, has consistently updated For Honor with new heroes, maps, and events. The Rabbids from the Rayman series even joined the fight as an April Fools’ Day joke in 2019. The January 2019 update included the Black Prior hero, the Harbor map, Skill Rating and Matchmaking adjustments, new rewards, and new winter items.

For Honor was a part of the February 2019 PlayStation Plus lineup. Perhaps the new hero and map coming in May 2019 will help keep new players invested in this live service game, while luring back people who have been around since it launched. Will you be take up arms again? Let us know!

[Source: Ubisoft]